After breaking down on stage during his first international piano recital, David returns to the family farm heavily medicated and with a sense of failure. He’s picked up at the regional airport by his larrikin older brother Jack. After Jack’s sky-larking causes a near collision with a semi-trailer, he talks David into taking a detour via the Gorge where they spent much of their childhood.  As they climb the peak David relives the oppressive nature of their relationship, until at wit’s end he’s forced to make a final decision.

This short film has been developed by the filmmaker Ian W Thomson as part of his Masters in Media Arts from the University of Technology in Sydney. Ian is particularly interested in the intersection between narrative fiction and social issues, and how films such as this can have a positive influence for those suffering under mental health issues by creating awareness and engagement.

Ian also is particularly interested at looking at the emotional and psychological pressures that young men in rural Australia face. His life has also been touched by family loss, and with this film he aims to encourage dialogue and communication.

This is part one of a trilogy, looking at the issue of youth male suicide in rural Australia from 3 different perspectives. In development are short film scripts about the lives of 2 other characters touched by loss.

You can follow the development of the project on the Facebook page.

“The Invisible Edge – Part one: David’s story” by Ian W Thomson (2016)